1000 readers only one Hamlet

Often see and hear a fellow saying in IBM THINKPAD R30 SERIES battery to the West “has a thousand readers have 1000 Hamlet” (There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes), to show that people read one (article) literary works, understanding is often a matter of opinion, it is difficult to obtain the same view. My fellow citizens of this Western proverb quoted a passionate, the persistent, and frequent, that I have a cornea, for the ear drum from the cocoon of worry.

However, based on my personal experience and years of observation sentence Western saying is not applicable to China’s national conditions. China’s national conditions are: 1000 readers, Hamlet has not a thousand, not 500, not 250, even two is not always the only one. If the West insisted cite sentence saying, to prove his Chinese and Western, to make foreign things serve, then I suggest the words “one thousand readers only a Hamlet.” This is more closer to the truth.

However, this situation would arise, not because our readers with high IQs than the Western readers, understanding ability, literary attainments deep, reading literary ASUS EEE PC 8G(1G RAM) Battery, when to, without exception, have direct access to the most glorious peak, see the same Road, Buddha, are the only One of the true meaning. But … … but … … but what is a little inconvenience to say so. Frustration, I borrow Lu Xun April 8, 1927 speech at the Whampoa Military Academy said the words below:

Biologists tell us that: “humans and monkeys are not big different, and humans and monkeys are first cousins.” But why humans became human, monkey finally monkeys? This is because the monkeys refused to change – it loves to walk with four legs. Perhaps there was a monkey stood up, try two feet to walk, fine, but many monkeys said: “We are always crawling the end of ancestors, must not you stop!” Killed the. (See Lu Xun, “it sets the literary revolution of the times”)

In other words, in our country, if the 1000 readers also read “Hamlet” that, if a person speaks a distinct idea, is likely to be the other 999 similar “killed” the. Gu Zhun, Lin Zhao, Zhang Zhixin, Yu Luoke, we are so dead.

Gu Zhun they are in tragic times, is unlikely to come back in a short time. However, the mode of thinking, way is still everywhere. Past no longer mention, one that last night, about a several years of friends in a drink, I remark, “In theory, the text is nothing wrong with any one name be deleted from the textbooks,” and was immediately present The number of old friends dismissed as absurd. I do not know the language teaching materials to determine the text directory of a few elected officials and experts to learn about their attitude, what it would be and apple ibook g4 14-inch series battery. If I may be a sudden expansion to get lost, self-righteous God, the Creator; expansion after a while some respect is the heart of the Tragic Human and desolate.



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